The Media Asset Management (MAM) system caters for simultaneous scheduling of the linear channel and of the Video on Demand (VOD) (TVOD, SVOD and AVOD) programme windows. Both the intuitive and user-friendly scheduling tool and the central content-, data-, artwork- and synopsis- storage make the scheduling process an extremely time- and cost efficient operation. The built-in video and audio encoder saves valuable space at the uplink location by eliminating any additional equipment at the uplink facility (for both the linear television channel and the Video on Demand (VOD) platform). GRIDSHOT® has a full detection system for automatic adaptation of the content to the output. This system is based on the latest industry standards and fixes interlacing conflicts and leveled audio to the EBU R128 norm.

Our scheduling application is well known for its practical usability. Blockers, folders, sub playlists and flexible category specific colour coding make the application extremely easy to use by schedulers. We personalize the application to our customers’ needs by providing tools for automated overlay insertion, age rating markers, customized metadata, license management and automated EPG data distribution to any third party.


GRIDSHOT® is owned, trademark and operated by theFrontDoor, is situated at a stone’s throw from Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands. The GRIDSHOT® playout-, contribution- and distribution system has been developed by our in-house software engineers. GRIDSHOT® has a proven track record for playout- and broadcast services for over 14 years without a single outage. GRIDSHOT® is reliable, flexible and (cost-) efficient in providing stable and secure broadcast signals and streams around the world at high quality and low cost.