Through our WEB application you have direct access to various products such as Media Asset Management (MAM) and scheduling system. The WEB application is available for all browser-enabled devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, etc.. You are not tied to any specific operating system such as Windows or MacOS. This allows you maximum flexibility for any work situation. Whether you are at home, at the office or on the road, you are always able to access the schedules, content library and Video on Demand (VOD) environment.

The GRIDSHOT® playout has been developed for expansion, for cloning signals, adding geo targeted territory-specific content or for quick upscaling. We deliver. The content is stored in a private cloud from where the playout servers will automatically synchronize the content. 

Our system supports an unlimited number of language versions (audio as well as subtitles) and territory-specific content to support the roll out of localized versions of your television (TV) channels. With many years of experience in the broadcasting industry, working with a diversity of clients and owning and operating a children’s tv station ourselves, we like to think in solutions.


GRIDSHOT® is owned, trademark and operated by theFrontDoor, is situated at a stone’s throw from Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands. The GRIDSHOT® playout-, contribution- and distribution system has been developed by our in-house software engineers. GRIDSHOT® has a proven track record for playout- and broadcast services for over 14 years without a single outage. GRIDSHOT® is reliable, flexible and (cost-) efficient in providing stable and secure broadcast signals and streams around the world at high quality and low cost.