The GRIDSHOT® playout output can be adapted to local requirements of the colocation facility from where the playout takes place. 

The powerful GRIDSHOT® playout solution enables real-time encoding to generate a stable and flexible playout signal without the need of costly encoding units. This built-in encoding feature enables us to customize the video encoding parameters to any local requirements that a colocation may have, worldwide. A unique feature of our playout solution is the encoding process of materials to be broadcast. As this process takes place real-time, this gives us the flexibility to change bitrates within a couple of minutes, should a co-location require a different bitrate. 

GRIDSHOT® downloads the original files from our Media Asset Management (MAM) system. When the files are needed for playing out, the playout software decodes the content and encode the content to correct format, all process are real time. When the colocation require a different bitrate, we can change this within 5 minutes and your playout server is directly playout in a new bitrate.

Our solution facilitates the real-time ingest of live streams, irrespective of bitrates and codecs. The playout software will encode the stream to the configured playout output.

The above-mentioned encoding and decoding expertise gained from the development of the linear GRIDSHOT® playout is one-to-one built into our Video On Demand (VOD) solution. This enables us to produce multiple profiles of each file in different bitrates and resolutions. In this way end users can be offered different profiles, based on the applicable Video On Demand (VOD) type, TVOD, SVOD or AVOD.