Advertising Insertion

GRIDHSOT® offers localized advertising opportunities for your television (TV) channels. How it works is that advertising markers within the output of the playout trigger locally inserted advertising. Depending on which targeted operator or territory, we supply advertising insertion by means of:

GRIDHSOT® provides advertising triggers in the master feed to optimize return on investment of your channels worldwide by integrating with local sales houses and operators to replace original programmes and/or -ad spots by targeted advertising and/or programmes for specific regions.

Advertising triggers in the master feed instruct ad servers worldwide to switch between the linear feed and regional advertising and/or content supplied by a locally operating sales house or operator. The triggers that are added at the point of playout can be DTMF cue tones, SCTE-35. GRIDSHOT® has an integrated system for DTMF cue tones and SCTE-35 built into the playout. Our scheduling application is built to facilitate insertion of these DTMF cue tones and SCTE-35 markers.