SCTE-35 markers indicate where downstream systems (splicer devices) can insert other content for potential advertisements or local programs. When the SCTE-35 marker time arrives, the splicer device switches over to locally inserted advertising or content. This increases the flexibility for improved localized advertisement creating income sources for channels and operators alike. SCTE-35 is an additional PID in the MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS).

GRIDSHOT® has integrated the SCTE-35 markers into the playout solution and it's based on the last revisie 2020. For outputs such as SRT, ASI, IP ASI (multicast / unicast), no additional translation steps are required for the SCTE-35 markers. Channel owners can decide in our GRIDSHOT® scheduling application where the SCTE-35 markers are placed in the schedules.

Please check GRIDSHOT® Supplementary Information page for providing SCTE-35 to operators.