GRIDSHOT® offers an integrated SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) solution built into the GRIDSHOT® playout system for the provision of TV channels to (Over-the-Top (OTT)) operators worldwide. The SRT protocol caters for automated error correction largely compensating transportation over unpredictable networks. We built this protocol directly into our GRIDSHOT® playout system thereby increasing performance and stability of our streaming solution within our already hot-standby redundant playout platform. The GRIDSHOT® playout system is equipped with an additional integrated software management layer E.g. with an option to restrict the usage of multiple streams by (Over-the-Top (OTT)) operators to just one stream and thus keeping cost for data traffic of the channel within limits.

Since 2020, GRIDSHOT® has been a proud member of the SRT Alliance. GRIDSHOT® playout system is approved as SRT ready. Visit our press release for more information about our membership with the SRT Alliance.

Please check GRIDSHOT® Supplementary Information page for provision of TV channel to (Over-the-Top (OTT)) operator with our GRIDSHOT® playout solution.