GRIDSHOT® has been developed by our in-house software development team. Our development team is working daily to improve workflows and add new (custom built) features to the GRIDSHOT® system. We are learning every day in close conjunction with our customers how they are using GRIDSHOT®, their wishes for new features and how we can applied workflows that is workable for our customers.

Every section of GRIDSHOT® such as the scheduling system and the playout software has its own specialized team of developers. These teams both develop and maintain the playout servers and GRIDSHOT® system. This work organization and environment increases the know-how of our product and customer perception and enables our engineers to develop software that is custom tailored both to the redundant hardware of our playout system & to the infrastructure required for further contribution and distribution.

The GRIDSHOT® Media Asset Management system (MAM) system, scheduling system and Video On Demand (VOD) are running on our private cloud solution. We can update our cloud environment on the fly from which moment it will work directly for all of our customers. Our maintenance team is responsible for 24/7 continuous maintenance, implementation of updates and operational availability of the playout servers according to the latest standards without any extra costs for our clients. 

The co-location of the playout can be anywhere in the world irrespective of the location of our private cloud. As we operate a 100% hot-standby redundant playout solution, this means that we perform maintenance and updates on the playout servers without any downtime.