We work closely with industry operators worldwide and have a long and proven track record in distribution (licensing) of your television channel(s) to triple and quadruple-play, broadband as well as to IPTV, OTT and satellite, Android and iOS providers. We worked both on the operator’s side and for and on behalf of channels, so we are aware of the challenges in the different worldwide markets. In this way we assist our customers by increasing their market penetration and accessibility of the channel to viewers worldwide.

Our playout solution is flexible and built to match perfectly with the latest technological requirements of the different standards which operators deploy. Whether the operator is large or small, we have a distribution method that cost-effectively brings signals and streams to all of them. Our playouts can playout from any location worldwide, whether at the operator or any other co-location or uplink. Additionally, we have the possibility to deliver the channel over the open internet with our IP based streaming solutions. The playout is then located at one of our private cloud locations.